We ensure students tap into their full academic potential.

At Orafrik, we believe every African student deserves the most comprehensive support and tools designed to streamline their learning experience. This is why we created our cutting-edge application to help deliver all of the tools your student needs to revolutionize their learning right at their fingertips.

African academic advising services.

Secure Messaging with an Advisor
There's nothing like having someone to support your efforts and inspire you to succeed. Orafrik offers secure messaging channels with an educational advisor to discuss your needs.
Book Time with an Advisor
Orafrik makes scheduling sessions with advisors specializing in your queried academic topic simple. Use the app to book a beneficial 30-min session quickly.
View Job Postings
Kickstart your career in the right way. Orafrik connects African students to renowned recruiters to pair them with rewarding internships and full-time jobs.
Watch a Suitable Video for Your Needs
Why tell you when we can show you how Orafrik can positively impact your prospects? Watch our video for all the information and testimonials you need.
Our Mission

Your ultimate source for academic counseling designed to ensure your success.

Are you struggling to get the support and guidance you need to succeed in school? We are aware that millions of African students don’t have access to readily available experienced and qualified academic advisors, and therefore have to depend on not-so-reliable informal networks in and around their communities.

Your ultimate source for academic counseling designed to ensure your success.

All of our African academic counseling services are designed to equip students with the right tools and learning practices from professional educators. It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to make decisions about his/her career goals, and to determine how those goals impact his/her learning path. Our academic advisors provide the assistance in the process by encouraging the exploration of various options, alternatives, resources, and providing mentoring, skills development and a career development path.
Give back

Get Involved with our community Volunteer with Orafrik

African students need help now more than ever. As African students look for guidance, you can be a part of helping them transform their educational experience and become agents of change in their local communities.

Join Orafrik’s volunteer advisors, and start helping African students self-discover, grow and thrive.

User Reviews
"It's no secret to anyone that I had difficulty focusing in classes. Orafrik inspired me that I do have the capability to learn and create my path to success. I can't thank this app enough."
"There's one thing that amazed me about this app, and that's how easy it was to speak to an advisor. Honestly, the number of times I got stuck - they helped me through everything. Anybody that needs help with learning can benefit from Orafrik!"
"Finally, an app for the learning needs of African students. Everything we need to thrive is here - resources, counselors, even job recruiters. Orafrik nailed this idea!"
"I'm not sure I ever would have made it into the job of my dreams without the help of Orafrik. The advisors and recruiters are the next levels of assistance. I'm just so happy."
Frequently Asked Questions

Orafrik is an all-in-one app dedicated to helping African students' education and career prospects. It provides resources to learn and understand better with advisors to support any questions.

Not every advisor is a qualified educator, but each specializes in a particular field. You'll see qualified teachers helping with the academic side of the app, where recruiters will assist with internships and careers.

Orafrik makes all critical learning subjects easy to understand. We understand the needs of African students, and we tailor our guides and material to their education.

We've helped countless African students graduate school and move on to great internships and jobs. Our advisor and recruitment team work hard to ensure you have a bright future.

We try our hardest to help all students succeed in every academic area. Even if you have learning difficulties, trust you'll have an advisor always willing to assist.
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